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Applied Volcanology - Applied Hydrogeology

Geothermal Resources Assessment

Contaminant Monitoring and Environment Protection

Innovative and customer tailored Technologies, Methodologies and Equipments

Applied Volcanology and Applied Hydrogeology
Applied Volcanology

Volcanic hazard evaluation
Explosive eruptions modelling. Ash-flow, mud flow, dangerous gas emission previsional mapping. Eruption induced hydrogeological hazard. Alert network and procedure optimization, Geothermal Resource Assessment

Hydrogeological field survey and modelling of volcanic inland areas and islands

Volcanic soil mechanics

Volcanic deposits mining economic evaluation (Pumices, Uranium rich Piroclastites, Zeolites etc.)
Applied Hydrogeology

Groundwater Resource Assessment
Groundwater modelling, Salt water intrusion monitoring and remediation. Natural tracers calibrated mass balance: field survey, modelling and mapping

Groundwater exploitation
Acquifers vulnerability assessment, drinking water well protection zone planning, alternative water sources optimization, water well design

Groundwater monitoring
Innovative Field Technologies, Methodologies and Equipments, Pollutant Monitoring and Environmental Protection

Temporary and durable underground hidraulic barriers
Hydrodinamic and non conventional removable gel technologies. Design modelling and testing

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Geothermal Resources Assessment
High entalpy

Reconnaissance (Regional scale resource assessment)
Petrochemical-magmatological approach to heat sources evaluations. Heat flow from magmatic chambers modelling. Geochemistry and structural volcanology based deep water circulation investigations. Deep hydrothermal alteration and geothermal reservoirs detection by piroclastites xenolithes mineralogy. Potential reservoirs temperature extimation by thermal manifestation geochemistry.

Prefeasibility (Local scale resource assessment)
Volcanological, geophisical and geochemical integrated studies based geothermal reservoirs depth and shape definition. Exploratory drilling best site selection. New geothermal field exploitation environment related problems preventive assessment.

Exploratory drilling geological and geochemical assistence and logging. Real time, hydrothermal mineralogy based, reservoir termometry. Drilling fluids geochemical logging. Well site real time petrographic logging. Production tests geochemistry)
Low entalpy

Reconnaissance of potentially productive zones
Fossil and actual thermal outcrops mapping. Hydrogeological modelling. Geochemical survey

Thermal waters wise use planning

Resource exploitation

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Contaminant Monitoring   and  Environment  Protection
Monitoring nets planning and optimization
Sampling spot selection. Local effects evaluation. Multiple grid overlapping: step size and layer number optimization. Remedy actions efficiency testing nets. Parameter selection Natural and human activity derived tracers: surface and groundwaters backtracing and hydrogeochemical domain survey and mapping. Sensible parameters identification. Dedicated field laboratory planning:design assembling and testing.

Monitoring wells
Site selection. Well design. Special seals. Continuous and time stepped automatic samplers. Seal tests. Down hole tracers sensing. Instant shallow microstratigraphic holes. Special equipments
Soil gas detecting
Instant measurement of volatile hidrocarbon, CO2 etc. by constant volume gradient method. Special continuous measurement equipments. Field survey landfill insulation testing. Complex areas total flow modelling. Dedicated equipment development

Special projects
Swamps and lagoons self depuration capability evaluation. Wise use of paper mills slurry as gas and lechate reducers in landfill
(AF patent).

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Innovative and customer tailored Technologies, Methodologies and Equipments
Customer tailored AF activity
Field laboratory design. Special sampling equipment design and testing. Sampling nets and metodologies optimization. Innovative technology planning, testing and development. Groundwater pollution monitoring and modelling. Reclamation innovative technologies development.