AF Soil Sampler


  • Shallow ultralight soil coring system allowing coring and core storing and handling using 1 meter long reusable sealables split spoon type core liner.
  • Continuous coring up to 1 m.
AF Soil Sampler is particularly suited to agropedological sampling, sedimentology, soil contaminant sampling, ground permeability test.

AF Soil Sampler components:
  • Coring system: comprending corer, split spoon liner;
  • Energizer
  • Recovery

Coring pipe: Special thin walled steel with tempered and hardned ring bit.
Liner: Split spoon tipe reusable, special light alloy engineered for samples handling and storing without any further dedicated container

Electric or gas powered demolishing light hummer (6-12 J/strike)

RECOVERY: Light Jack (pull 1200 kg)

Drilling system: Hammering

Operating depth: Standard up to 1 m

Core diameter: 42 mm

Minimum operating crew:
N° 1 operator

Coring and recovering required max time: 6 minutes with gas powered hammer, 15 minutes using hand operated axial driven hummer