AF Deep Sampling System
(Patent N°01247605)

AF Deep Sampling System has been projected and engineered to solve a specific problem quite common in water sampling for environmental and geochemical purposes: sample original volatile content preservation avoiding exsolution and consequent solute precipitation.
The applied technology allows easy deep sampling operations both in open water or boreholes using the same equipment.

AF Deep Sampling System allows:

  • accurate sampling depth determination.
  • avoiding contamination of the sampling chamber by fluids present at depth different from the aimed one.
  • mantainance of sample's original baric condition.
  • easy operation even in confined spaces or from small boats.
Use fields
All hydrogeochemical and environmental deep water sampling operations where accurate determinations of sample original composition and quantitative volatile content is at price

TECHNOLOGY: Remote pneumatic control


  • Sampling chamber baric conditions continuosly and positively controlled from surface.
  • Real time check of effective filling of the sampler.
  • Hidrostatic preassure loaded spring avoiding gas or volatile sample exolution mantaining the sample original depth pressurization.
  • Sampling chamber, interchangeable, works also as sample store and allows positively controlled gas exolutions conditions and sample spilling with very low baric gradients directly to HPLC analysers etc.
  • Minimum dead volume special plug tipe valve design avoid trapping of fluids overlying the required sampling depth.
  • Gas operating the pneumatic bailing is positively prevented to came in contact with sample

OPERATING DEPTH: From 0 to -400m below WRL

OPERATING TEMPERATURE: From freezing point of the fluid to be sampled to +60oC1


CHEMICAL SAMPLE COMPATIBILITY : Sampling chamber built in or lined by INOX AISI 316, PPHD, PTFE .

TOTAL WEIGHT: 18-20 Kg (reels, preassure reguloators, portable microcompressor or 5 l nitrogen cilinder and preassure reducers, sampling chamber)

FEXT SAMPLER: 5 cm (2")

CREW: No 1 operator.